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    • Dianne Barber, 120 pairs

      I love shoes. So much that I just received a birthday card from a friend that is covered in shoes. Surprise, surprise. I specifically will need a special color then of course need a different one. Right now I am in desperate need of a pair of cobalt.

    • Jane Tran, 23 pairs

      I feel shoe-guilt when I have a pair that much

    • Jane Tran, 21 pairs

      I have two pairs of the same shoe in different colours!

    • Chrystal Mariyan, 63 pairs

      I would prefer not to admit that I have a shopping problem, so I have resorted to hiding my shoes in uncharacteristic places - behind night tables, in the guest room closets, and even in my home office!

    • Seana Doucette, 30 pairs

      Shopping is like an addiction! Lost count of the amount of shoes I own after 25

    • Jane Tran, 21 pairs

      had to part with over 50 pairs when I did my last move = heartbreak!

    • katherine pomeroy, 150 pairs

      I know I was a shoeaholic when I was dreaming that someone broke into my house and the only items they took were my shoes..

    • JANE TRAN, 21 pairs

      while i love them all, I do play favourites!


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