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    • Jessica Massaro, 55 pairs

      Been to Town Shoes in Sudbury, Ontario everyday for the past week... Shoe addiction? I think so. Oh and the handbags are nice too ;)

    • diane gervais, 35 pairs

      I love shoes. I have 30 pairs, I like them to match my outfits. My granddaughter takes after me.

    • Emily Tran, 8800 pairs

      I LOVE SHOES YAYAYAY shoes shoes shoes so great yay awesome love shoes lots of them so many

    • Lara R, 38 pairs

      38 and counting! Why shoes? Because they never mind if I gain a few pounds! On the contrary, they always make me feel beautiful, taller, slimmer and powerful!

    • LeeAnn Fries, 69 pairs

      I have to admit I love working in an office and wearing some amazing heels from Town shoes, I love to contrast my outfits, and a sexy heel in a sweet colour makes my day. But I love the fact that I can buy a pair of Bobs which I just did tonight with memory foam or I love my Sam Edelman flats for casual wear. I am all for comfort as well, especially being on my feet all day and I run every morning. Thank you Town Shoes for making my feet look fabulous.

    • Maxine Allen, 30 pairs

      I I have to be real honest I love shoes I don't care how much they cost I will buy them. If I go to buy one pair I end up buying more than one. Yesterday I just went to get one and I carry home four pairs. Town Shoes have a lot of nice shoes at excellent prices so how can I not buy any. Now they have an amazing discount and I know before the end of the summer season I will have over 50 pairs.

    • Hayley Toane, 50 pairs

      I love my shoes! I have no shame when it comes to buying shoes, I'll get them second hand or from cheap stores, but obviously buying new, trendy shoes from Town Shoes is a completely different level of satisfaction! I wish I was one of those girls that says, "heels are super comfy!" They aren't. Of course, that doesn't stop me from practically hoarding gorgeous heels, even if they only get worn once a year. Totally worth it!

    • Dianne Barber, 120 pairs

      I love shoes. So much that I just received a birthday card from a friend that is covered in shoes. Surprise, surprise. I specifically will need a special color then of course need a different one. Right now I am in desperate need of a pair of cobalt.


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