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    • Robyn Bellefleur, 22 pairs

      I have an obsession with sandals. I love open toed shoes that you can wear in the summer.

    • katherine pomeroy, 99 pairs

      Just saying the word shoes, makes me smile. They could be a simple pair of flip flops, or a beautiful pair of cowboy boots, or fancy smoking slippers. I could window shop looking at shoes all day. The pleasure it brings. It stems back from my youth as I would watch my Mother buy shoes and hide them under the bed so my Dad would not realize how many pairs she had... The joys of shoes :)

    • Chelsie Hirsch, 50 pairs

      I wish I had more than just two feet so I can wear more of my fabulous footwear!

    • Joanne Saunders, 40 pairs

      My confession about my shoe addition is...I would rather have shoes than eat.

    • Toby Collins, 200 pairs

      I literally have plastic containers filled with shoes and boots of every colour and style! My hubby's given me heck for having so many … but I always win! :)

    • Ashley Smith, 75 pairs

      I am a 40 y/o male and I absolutely love LOVE my heels! I strut around my work like I beyonce when I have them on!!!

    • melanie borhi, 150 pairs

      I absolutely love my heels and stilettos and am so girly and love to wear them, I am truly an shoeaholic for life, I have always loved shoes and appreciated good style and creativity....I could not part with them ever.

    • pio mmasi, 30 pairs

      I love shoes.i love my shoes so so much.i just love my sneakers more because they so sweet like i cant stay away from them for a day i cant say how much am in love with my shoes


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